Green Superfood Powder: Worth it? (How to Find a Good One)

While getting four to five servings of vegetables a day has been a standard dietary guideline for decades, most of us barely meet the minimum requirement for greens. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 1 in 10 adults include enough fruits and vegetables in their diet to maintain good health.

But getting your fill of veggies can be a challenge, especially if you're busy or don't like their taste. Many people turn to green superfood powder to bridge the gap and consume more of their necessary nutrients.

Green superfood powders are concentrated sources of nutrients derived from whole foods and mixed with water or another liquid to create a drink. While they seem like an easy solution to an age-old problem, there's such a vast array of formulations, prices, and quality that it's easy to wonder how effective they really are.

So—is green superfood powder worth it? Read on to find out everything you need to know about these popular supplements, including what to look for in a quality product.

Is green superfood powder worth it?

The short answer is: yes.

Green superfood powders can be a helpful addition to an already healthy diet. They're a convenient way to get more nutrients from whole foods, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. Green superfood powder can be a helpful supplement if you're looking to improve your overall health or boost your nutrient intake.

Just make sure you’re still getting in some fresh greens and nutrient-dense vegetables every day too. 

As long as you're already consuming a variety of veggies, adding a green superfood powder to your diet can be a simple way to increase your nutrient intake. That alone can have some immunity-boosting and energizing effects, depending on what's in the powder.

It’s always important to have a well-balanced, healthy diet, but adding green superfood powder can definitely give you a nutrient-boost.

Benefits of green superfood powder

While the nutrient content of green superfood powders can vary widely, they're generally a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. These nutrients are essential for overall health and offer specific benefits like supporting immunity, reducing inflammation, and promoting energy.

Many green superfood powders have a high content of vitamin A and C, which are known to support a healthy immune function. Because of this, studies have found that a small daily dose of 10 grams of green powder can lower oxidative levels in the blood by 30%. This anti-inflammatory response can reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes. 

Another study found that powders including green tea extract (which contains caffeine), can significantly increase your energy. In fact, green powders can help you get the same benefits as drinking a cup of green tea.

Research is still being done to determine if green superfood powders can detoxify your body and increase your alkalinity (which supporters of an alkaline diet say can boost your health and reduce your risk of chronic disease). 

One promising study showed that adding a scoop of green superfood powder to your diet can balance your blood sugar by optimizing your glucose and insulin responses. Another found that drinking two glasses of veggie powder mixed with water daily significantly benefited blood pressure, which keeps your heart healthy.

Adding a superfood powder to your diet is a great way to promote health and vitality. Further research is needed to solidify all of its benefits, but as it stands, consuming these powders regularly may:

  • Reduce your risk of chronic diseases
  • Boost energy
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Balance blood sugar
  • Protect heart health

How to find a good green superfood powder

When it comes to green superfood powders, quality matters. So do your due diligence by following these tips.

Check the ingredients

Be an avid label reader. Check a powder's ingredients to ensure it doesn't have any artificial flavors, preservatives, or added sugars. These fillers can offset the health benefits you're looking for.

Seek out powders with a short and sweet ingredient list with names you recognize.

Trust third-party testing

It’s a smart idea to buy from brands that subject their products to third-party testing. These independent labs test everything from potency and pesticide residue to contaminants like heavy metals.

Look for certification from NSF or USP.

Choose organic

If you want to avoid harmful pesticides, go with an organic powder. A product that’s composed of organic ingredients can ensure that you avoid unwanted pesticides and do right by your body. 

Look for convenience

Life gets busy, which often makes health and wellness a challenge. Finding the best green superfood powder won’t help you if you don’t have time to drink it. While some brands only offer their powders in large bags, others help you stay healthy on the go. The Feel Good Daily travel packs by Cardiff, make it easier than ever to get in your greens. You can throw one of these pouches in your purse, glove box, or gym bag so you can simply add it to your water bottle and go.

Consider your dietary needs

Before you buy, think about what you want to get out of a green superfood powder. Not every brand uses the same combination of ingredients, so some may be better suited for your needs than others.

For example, if you're trying to increase your intake of vitamins and minerals, choose a powder with a long list of nutrient-rich ingredients like spirulina, moringa, and chlorella. If you're looking to boost your energy, go for a powder that contains green tea extract.

Know the serving size

While a powder may seem affordable, a large serving size could mean you run out quickly. To get the most bang for your buck, determine how many servings are in a container and compare that to the price. This will help you see which brands offer dthe best value.

To sum it up

Powders are a convenient way to add extra nutrition to your diet. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle, green superfood powder may help reduce your risk of chronic disease, balance blood sugar, and protect heart health.