Cleaning Your Cardiff Bottle: Essential Care Steps

Our Cardiff glass water bottle provides an easy and convenient means to take your Feel Good Daily supplement from wherever you are. Once mixed, it is best to drink all at once, but the blended contents will remain intact in your bottle for up to 24 hours in the refrigerator.

Many customers have asked about best maintenance practices to preserve the wood, glass, and silicone sleeve that make up the bottle. Do you use a dishwasher? Or a more conventional approach like hand washing? Let's find out.

How Sustainable is a Glass Bottle and Wood Lid?

The combination of glass, silicone, and wood materials makes the Cardiff water bottle a very earth-friendly option for your morning green juice routine. Not only are glass and wood renewable and reusable, but they also provide a safer, healthier, and more sustainable option than plastic as a food or beverage container. 

The silicone sleeve provides a textured, slip-free grip for safer carrying and protects the glass from breakage. These features, coupled with proper care, will ensure a longer life for your glass water bottle. 

How to Best Care for Your Cardiff Water Bottle 

Your Cardiff glass water bottle can be used again and again to enjoy not only your daily dose of Feel Good Daily green powder supplement, but all sorts of other cold beverages. The best way to ensure your glass bottle serves you for years to come is by:

Machine Washing

Apart from Tritan copolyester, glass is the only other material safe for washing in a dishwasher. Make sure to remove the wood lid before placing the bottle in the dishwasher. Benefits of a machine washer include:

  • Saves water - by as much as 74%
  • Gets rid of germs – heats water to 75 degrees Celsius to kill germs
  • Is kinder to your hands – no harsh soap chemicals while scrubbing
  • Is safer for glass – less risk of breakage

Hand Washing

Hand washing your Cardiff bottle is also a good and effective option. There are various ways to hand wash your glass bottle, such as:

  • Bottle Brush Scrubbing: Use a bottle brush with soft scrubbing bristles to clean the inside of your glass bottle and eliminate residue without scratching the glass. If the soap and water mixture doesn't clean the bottle thoroughly, try using vinegar or baking soda for proper cleaning.
  • Soaking in Rice: Fill your glass bottle a quarter full with rice and add dishwashing detergent. Fill half the bottle with water and shake vigorously for about 30 seconds. Once you rinse the glass bottle, all stains, germs, and bacteria will wash away.

How to Clean the Wood Lid

Our Cardiff glass bottle has a wooden walnut lid. Cleaning wood is simple but differs from how you clean glass. To maintain the shine and color of the wood:

Hand wash

Do not wash the wood lid in the dishwasher as the high temperatures and long cycles could cause the wood to absorb water and warp, thus ruining its integrity and finish.

Instead, hand wash the wood lid using warm water and dish soap. Use a bristle brush or cloth to scrub the interior of the lid and rinse it in hot water. Lastly, prop the lid to completely dry by ensuring as much airflow passes around all surfaces for faster drying.

Tips for Caring For and Refreshing the Wood

Moisture content in wood often fluctuates, impacting its durability over the long term. Applying oil to the wood lid every now and then prevents moisture fluctuations and reactions like cracking, splitting, and fading. It also increases the wood's resistance to absorbing odors and staining.

Wood surfaces that come into contact with foods require special oils. The right oil should protect your wood, reduce moisture absorption, be breathable, and be free of harmful chemicals. Such oils include:

Plant-Based Oils

The oils you use to seal or clean furniture are not food safe and should never be used. Plant- based oils are not sticky and won’t discolor your wood lid. Examples of excellent plant-based oils to apply on wood include:

  • Cutting Board Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive oil

The only cooking oils exempt from this list are linseed and walnut oil. Frequent use of these oils can result in a tacky buildup.

Oiling Your Wood Lid the Easy Way

When oiling your wood lid, take these steps to ensure you've oiled it perfectly:

  • Apply a small amount of oil directly to the lid's surface
  • Using a clean, lint-free cloth, work the oil over the whole surface
  • Let the oil absorb into the wood for about 15 to 20 minutes (leaving it overnight is best)
  • Using another clean, lint-free cloth, buff the wood surface to spread the oil evenly and remove any excess. 

And voila! Your wooden lid is rejuvenated and preserved for a longer life.

Include Our Green Powder Supplement in Your Diet Today!

Now that you know how to best care for your Cardiff glass water bottle, use it as a daily, convenient, and sustainable option to partake in your morning wellness routine or any other  on-the-go beverage or hydrator.

If you want a convenient and tasty way to improve your health, consider our green powder supplement. You'll get our free eco-friendly glass bottle with your first purchase of Cardiff Feel Good Daily Essential Superfoods Pre- & Probiotic Blend. As a reminder,  always talk to your healthcare provider before taking any supplements.